Project Description
The Silverlight OutlookBar Custom Control is an attempt at an OutlookBar style control using Silverlight 4.

The control borrows heavily from code in the Silverlight Toolkit source code but is NOT a Silverlight Toolkit control and is NOT by a member of the Silverlight tool team.

This initial release contains a simple OutlookBar style custom control built using Silverlight 4. Any short comings in the design are entirely down to me. Feedback and comments very welcome. Email Delordson.

More features will be added until such time as this is overtaken by a better implementation from another source, the Silverlight Toolkit team for instance.

The OutlookBar control is a HeaderedItemsControl which can contain a number of OutlookBarButtons. The examples below show the OutlookBar custom control with three OutlookBarButtons. Each OutlookBarButton is ContentControl and can as such hold any content you care to place in there. The control can be restyled in Visual Studio 2010 or Expression Blend, though there is still more work to be done to improve the Blendability.




To Do
*Improve Blendability
*Allowing docking to right hand side. Currently only supports docking on left.
*Add pop out panel for when the control is collapsed to the sidebar

This project has been influenced and inspired by a number of WPF projects which have sought to re-style a tab control as an OutlookBar control and by the now dated but still useful WPF Hands On Lab

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